Exterior house painting ideas

One very simple exterior house painting idea is white. Believe it or not 40% of the residential exteriors are white and in my opinion they look pretty good.

Start with a color you like and try to work a color scheme around that. Maybe you’ve seen a house that you like in your area, you can stop by and talk to the owners about the color scheme. Most of the time they will be pleased that someone likes the color on their house so much that want to paint their house with the same color.

Another great idea is to look in the charts with color combinations that paint stores offer. Those combinations are put together by professional decorators and always work great.

Other exterior house painting ideas involve whether you plan to live on that house for a long time or if you plan to sell your house in the near future. If you plan to sell your house you might consider using a neutral color. Something that will look pleasant to most people.

Another idea is to ask your your painter. House painters see many different types of homes and generally have a pretty good idea on what might work for a particular type of house.

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