Month: December 2010

How long does an exterior paint job last?

One of the most asked question is how long does an exterior paint job last. Like in most cases there is no one answer fits all, but here are some factors that will determine the longevity of a paint job. I’ve broken it down in surface where the paint is applied, type of product and weather condition.

Type of surface.

The most used materials for exterior walls are: wood, aluminum, vinyl, stucco, brick, hardie-plank.

Type of paint or stain.

Common products for outside are paint, solid color stain, transparent or semi-transparent stains.

Weather conditions

This is a huge topic in itself but I just took the factors that have the biggest impact here in Connecticut.

This table will give you an idea of what to expect, however many other factors not indicated here are important as well.

Paint All Sides
4-10 Years
20 + Years
7-10 Years
15 + Years
Sunny Side
3-5 Years
3-6 Years
1-3 Years
All Sides
5-9 Years
7-10 Years
7-9 Years
Sunny Side
4-7 Years
2-4 Years
Semi –
All Sides
2-5 Years

Sunny Side
1-3 Years

1-3 Years

Other factors like:

When was the very first paint job on the house done; over time paint loses elasticity and when that happens it starts cracking and then peeling is unavoidable.
Humidity, following proper procedures and doing the right prep, pressure washing and many other factors make a big difference as well

In every project there is one main goal, to make it look great and last long.

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