Month: July 2011

Sherwin Williams vs Benjamin Moore vs Pittsburgh Paints

For painting contractors just like customers and workers, the suppliers are also very important to get the job done. These are three major paint suppliers here in Connecticut.

Sherwin Williams

Products: many different paints, stains primers, tools, equipment, that suit the need of residential commercial and industrial painting contractors.

Service: Great service for contractors, long hours, open Saturdays and Sundays, one rep sets your prices and you get that same price in all stores throughout the state, the best support on the job site.

Price: Depending on the product their prices are comparable to Benjamin Moore’s, sometimes more competitive.

Bottom Line: Sherwin Williams is one of the best if not the best supplier not only for painting contractors but also for homeowners – at least in the northeast. With great products that last, outstanding support, and competitive prices they are your best friend in succeeding with your business.

Benjamin Moore

Products: They carry many different paints, not such a wide variety of primers, more options in stains, not so many tools and equipment. They also carry California Paints. Their commercial line is not the best I’ve seen.

Service: The service here varies from store to store. Most of them are not open long hours or weekends. Support for contractors is good. You get different prices from store to store and you can’t have one charge account for every store you go, like you can have with Sherwin Williams.

Price: Depending on which store you go, you can expect a huge change in price.

Bottom Line: Great products that are easy to apply, and they are also important for keeping your business running smooth.

Pittsburgh Paints

Honestly I can’t talk much about them since I haven’t used them that much but here is what I’ve experienced so far.

Products: They don’t have as wide of a variety of paints and primers as their rivals Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams, but the ones they have are very good products. I think they specialize more in industrial and commercial coatings. Some tools and equipment.

Service: So far it’s been pretty good although I’m not a huge fan of their color matching system and low stock they carry in stores.

Price: They don’t have many different products but the ones they have are pretty competitive in price and quality.

Bottom Line: Like I said I haven’t used them that much but they’re definitely up there.

I would love to hear different opinions on this as this has been only my experience.

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