Does painting your house increase value

When it comes to home resale value there are several things one can do to increase its value. House painting is one of them. In addition to increasing value, painting makes your house sell faster which means you will save on your mortgage, taxes and utilities.

HGTV’s 30 Tips for Increasing Your Home’s Value lists painting your house number 3.

Start by painting the exterior
It takes about 3 seconds for someone to form an impression of a house. Not necessarily a decision but that will make them evaluate it further. In order to catch that first impression you need your house to look in top shape as people pull in the driveway. You might also want to consider some landscaping if needed.

Then some interior painting
Over time the bright white ceilings turn into a tired grayish look, the trim starts to yellow especially if its painted with oil base paint. Bringing potential buyers in a tired looking home will get you fewer offers and lower numbers. Freshly painted white ceilings and trim, and neutral colored walls will make your home more appealing to buyers and increase value.

Can you paint vinyl siding?

We talked about painting aluminum siding, but what about vinyl, can you paint vinyl siding?

Vinyl siding was introduced as an exterior product in the 1950s. With time it has gotten better but like paint it is not immune to fading. It will fade somewhat slower than paint though. It varies in quality and as a general rule the more expensive is more durable and the color will fade slower.

Can vinyl siding be painted?

After years of weather conditions it will start looking tired and when that happens an easy way to bring it back to life is by painting it. Painting vinyl siding is pretty straight forward, pressure wash to a clean surface and apply a paint that is compatible with vinyl siding like Sherwin Williams Vinyl Siding Compatible Paint or Benjamin Moore Vinyl and Aluminum Siding

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