Month: March 2011

Home Show, is it still worth?

I am exhibiting at the Convention Center, Hartford, CT home show this weekend. I was wondering if this is still worth doing, it’s not the same as it used to be 7 years ago that’s for sure.
Benefits are: you get some leads, you get to see and talk to many of your old customers which is always great, you get to talk to many nice people, you get a lot of exposure.
Down sides are: it’s expensive, you get tired (set up booth, stand around all day, break down and pick up booth, overloaded with leads for the following 2 weeks), stand next to the beef jerky guy for three days and eat a lot of that, then you have to work even harder to burn those calories lol.
What do you think?


Can you paint aluminum siding?

Get free estimate on aluminum or vinyl siding painting

Painted aluminum siding, trim, windows, shutters and doors.Today’s question comes from Ralph in Wethersfield, CT. Ralph asks:

I have a couple of questions about aluminum siding.
1 – Can you paint aluminum siding?
2 – If yes, how long would it last?

Wethersfield, CT

Can aluminum siding be painted?

The short answer is yes, you can paint aluminum siding, and it would typically last 15-20 years. With that said I’d like to go into some more details on how you can do that.

The first step is to pressure wash the surface using a pressure washer. You will need a pressure washer which is powerful enough to remove the chalky paint from the siding. But, before you begin to pressure wash you will need to clean the surface using a mild detergent such as T.S.P, which is readily available at most paint or hardware stores. Most pressure washers have a chemical injection hose which will allow you to inject the detergent through the pressure washer which will save you a lot of time and hard work. After applying the detergent you will then need to pressure wash. Begin at the top of the siding and work your way down, keeping the wand of the pressure washer close to the surface of the siding and using a wide pressure tip. If you pressure washing correctly you will notice the white chalk will begin to come off of the siding as you apply the water to the surface. Before going to the next step you will need to allow your house to fully dry which is usually about twenty four hours. You can apply a coat of primer or add Emulsa-Bond to your first coat of paint before you proceed with painting aluminum siding. The primer will allow the paint to bond correctly to the surface. A good latex primer applied using an airless sprayer is an excellent choice. Emulsa-Bond is a paint additive which you can add directly to your first coat of paint and will aid in proper bonding of the paint to the surface. This product is inexpensive and can also be purchased at most paint or hardware stores. When choosing a paint it is important that you purchase a high quality latex paint. Latex paint will bond better and will retain its color better than an oil based paint will. The painters can apply the latex paint using an airless sprayer, just as they did when they applied the primer. You should check with your paint manufacturer to see if you require one or two finish coats of paint after applying your primer. If you are using a quality latex paint , one coat should be sufficient. If you have properly cleaned the surface as described in this article and you have primed and painted the surface correctly, you will have a beautiful, long lasting paint job which you will enjoy for many years to come. Remember, using quality primer and paint may cost you a little more now but it will be well worth the expense in the longevity of your paint job.

A simple list of tools that you are going to need before starting a painting project

Make sure you got everything before you start painting. Here is a list of tools you are going to need

Drop clothes
Sanding pole
Putty knives
Screw driver
Caulking gun
Work light
Cutting bucket
Roller tray
Roller covers
Extension pole

You will also need these materials.

Patch or compound
Caulking tubes
Paint remover

If you think of anything else please leave a comment.

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