Month: October 2010

Warm Colors and Cool Colors

Reds, yellows and oranges are considered to be warm colors, while blues, greens and violets are considered to be cool. Warm colors condense a room making it feel energized, intimate and cozy while cool colors expand a room making it feel open and calming.

You can combine both colors in your home cool or warm, to complement or contrast each other.

A warm color placed next to a cool color will look warmer and make the cool color look cooler.

More muted tones tend to work better than brighter hues with strong color intensities.

Try to keep colors similar in big open spaces to maintain a visual harmony. Separate rooms can maintain a more distinct color identity but still need to have a sense of color cohesiveness.

Choosing sheen for interior painting

Sheen affects the amount of light reflected from the painted surface and the color perception. Darker colors with higher sheen might appear lighter due to the light reflecting from them.

For depth of color choose flat which also hides any imperfections on the surface. Flat paint is easier to touch up and maintain.

Colors appear with a soft glow on an eggshell finish. Eggshell is easy to clean and could be ideal for kitchens and baths.

Semi-gloss is usually used on trim and woodwork, it is also more durable and withstands repeated cleaning.

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